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Welcome to Cities to Suburbs!

We started out as young professionals living and working in NYC. While we loved the restaurants, culture, and adventure the city offered, after a few years we’d outgrown our shoebox apartment and were ready to make the move to the suburbs. Our jobs remained in the city so we needed to maintain easy access but we didn’t know where to start. With suburbs in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York we quickly became overwhelmed with the possibilities – unsure of how to filter down to the towns that best offered what we were looking for.

We started Cities to Suburbs because at this crucial time in our lives we lacked a resource that made it easy to compare towns, learn about new suburbs, and decide where we should start our next chapter.

After talking to friends and family in other cities we realized this problem was not unique to NYC and so at Cities to Suburbs we’ve set out to help people in major cities across the US find the next place they want to call home.

We hope Cities to Suburbs helps you find the next place you want to call home.

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